Real World Learning

At LVS Hassocks we recognise that one of parents' biggest concerns is often what will happen after their child leaves school. The goal of Work Related Learning is to prepare students with ASD for real life and the work place, so when they leave LVS Hassocks they have the skills and knowledge to get a job and sustain employment.

Preparation for Working Life

Students are given the opportunity to engage in work based training either on site - working in the grounds, kitchens or the school's community cafe, as well as work experience placements at a range of local businesses.  This encourages the participation and achievement of young people, helping them progress onto further education and employment.

Work related learningprepares students for work, encouraging them to develop a more adult style of thinking and the skills needed for achieving economic independence including:

  • Understanding that at work there will be tasks that you repeat on a daily basis
  • Understanding that tasks have to be completed within a given time frame
  • Sustaining attention and concentration on the tasks set
  • Completion of tasks to a satisfactory standard
  • Receiving constructive criticism
  • Managing changes in mood and feelings by engaging agreed strategies

The curriculum aims to support young people into employability by delivering Skills for Life:

  • Improving their performance
  • Working with others
  • Problem solving
  • Literacy, Numeracy and ICT

Wellbeing is central to this approach because we consider both mental and physical wellbeing as paramount to sustain a work ethic and an appropriate work-life balance.

The BBC2 documentary ‘Employable Me’, screened in March and April 2016, recognised the importance of employability skills for adults with autism – something that LVS Hassocks and sister school LVS Oxford have as a priority for students as one of our key areas of development. 

Ofsted comment about LVS Hassocks

'There is a strong focus on developing daily living and independence skills at a level and pace that takes into account the individual abilities of residential pupils.'

March 2015

Skills for work

A 16 year old LVS Hassocks's student had been at the school for 2 years and had discovered a passion for cooking. He then moved on to work in the school kitchen, while studying for an NVQ and had work experience one day a week in a local restaurant: At the time he said “The school has shown me I am good at something and I am excited about the future.”  After successfully securing himself an apprenticeship he completed that and has gone onto full time employment as a chef winning Sodexo's Young Chef of the Year competition in 2015.

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