Specialist Approach to Learning

Methods that work

The specialist curriculum at LVS Hassocks recognises every child as individual and will enable your child to realise their full potential.  Through research with health and educational specialists, employers and parents, we have developed teaching and learning methods to help young people with learning difficulties - such as autism, Asperger’s and associated difficulties - strategies for life and learning, which in the long term will give them the opportunities and skills for successful employment.

We achieve this through a number of assessments at the beginning of each academic year including CAT4 on-line assessments and Pupils Attitude to Staff and School.  Along with less formal assessments, this information enables us to set aspirational targets for our students whilst taking account of the impact of their autism on their learning.   Each student has a pupil profile which details their individual likes/dislikes/challenges and motivators and incorporates their therapy and medical needs, enabling all staff to have ready access to key information to support the young person.   Every student has a planner, which holds the student handbook, their personalised timetable, their calm plan and other key information. 

Our focus on wellbeing, whilst enabling our students to make sense of their experiences and develop strategies for success in all areas of their life, encourages them to broaden their horizons and gain a greater awareness of the world around them and the possibilities available to them.

Ofsted comment

'The adoption of a range of appropriate practical and academic courses ensures all students are afforded the opportunity to gain nationally accredited qualifictions that recognise and record their progress and achievement throughout their school career.'

March 2015

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