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Fire Safety

Fire safety across at LVS Hassocks is treated with the upmost importance. We implement a number of processes to ensure the health and safety of all pupils and staff. These can be summarised as follows:

  • Periodically undertake third party fire risk assessments and act upon recommendations. The most recent audit was positive with a few areas of  minor improvement.
  • Conduct termly fire safety committee meetings ensure the relevant stakeholders are aware of their operational duties.
  • Provide fire safety training.
  • Develop robust fire evacuation procedures and undertake regular tests.
  • Properly maintain our fire alarm systems in accordance with the Regulatory Reform Order.
  • Invest in the site wide upgrade of our systems.


With the exception of the two new builds at Hassocks, none of the buildings have any form of rainscreen cladding system to their external envelopes. Their constructions are generally all traditional, either brick, stone or tile in form, and therefore are inert to the spread of flame.

The new builds at LVS Hassocks are of a more contemporary construction, comprising of a mixture of zinc, brick and timber forming the outer envelope. This system is very different to that used on Grenfell tower, and we have received assurance from the Architect that the wall insulation is properly encapsulated behind these envelopes.

It should be noted that from a fire safety perspective the new builds at LVS Hassocks do not compare to Grenfell for several reasons:

  • They are low rise and not used as residential accommodation.
  • Fully addressable and maintained fire alarm systems have been installed.
  • Both buildings are regularly inspected and were signed off by Building Control and meet the relevant standards of Part B of the Building regulations.

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